Don’t Skim Your Story


National Champion cyclist Jake Boykin was killed by an alleged drunk driver while training for his next big race.

Jake had the words “Don’t skim your story” written on his whiteboard for the last 2 and 1/2 years. And that is truly how Jake lived his life.

He didn’t want to skim his story, he wanted to live full gas, he wanted to do interesting things, he wanted to have good adventures. And he did. And by all accounts, he brought a lot of people with him along the way.

We are so grateful for the wonderful moments and memories we all have of Jake. To know Jake was to love him. We ask that you take him with you. Take his examples of kindness, faith, fearlessness, honesty, love and joy with you. Let him encourage your sense of adventure and wonder. And enjoy life!

Jake would not want anyone to skim their story.